High Production

Conventional sheet pile installation production is typically limited by size (moment and horsepower) of the vibratory hammer. Because of its unique design, the ASAP Sheetpiler allows an additional down force of up to 17 tons to be applied through the telescopic boom, thereby dramatically improving production. The design also allows for direction adjustment to keep the sheet plum continuously during installation. The ASAP sheet more…piler has proven itself capable of productions to up to three times that of conventional installation methods on large projects over the past years.

Low Impact

The ASAP sheet piler uses a patented driving device that is capable of high frequency vibrations without the typical heavy vibrations inherent with conventional vibratory hammers during startup and shutdown. This feature avoids vibration energy being applied near the soil’s resonant frequency, avoiding damage to surrounding structures. The system is extremely suitable in areas where existing structures are fragile.

Great Flexibility

The custom built base machine was designed with reach (horizontal and vertical) and flexibility in mind. Sheet pile lengths of 65 ft and reach of up to 50 ft are possible. The driver features a quick disconnect system and the counterweight with built-in power pack is self-erecting. The machine can be operational within a few hours after arrival on the job site and is easy to move around on the project.